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Why Natural Soap? You're probably here because you've either tried natural soap and love it, or you haven't tried it before and want to know what the fuss is about. Let me tell you! When I tried natural soap for the first time and realized my skin actually dried with a towel and didn't feel sticky after my shower, and that I could use a soap that was so kind to my skin I didn't have a need for lotion anymore, I never looked back. And look at our ingredients! No chemical storm here. Why did we as a society move away from this amazing all natural product?!

Let's talk about it. Glycerin is a natural byproduct of the soap making process, it is created as the liquid oils turn into a solid form. Commercial companies know how amazing glycerin is, so they remove it from soaps and put it in their leave-on products like lotions & creams. Imagine selling a product that is so harsh and unnatural, your customers have to buy your other products, like lotions, to fix the problem their soaps created. Cha-ching!  We leave the good stuff in there! It's what makes natural soap so amazing for your skin.

Why Bar Soap? Two main reasons- When you add water to products you must add preservatives. If you've read your plastic body washes, they are full of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and all kinds of ingredients most of us can't even pronounce. In fact, most products that you're using as soap, isn't really soap at all. Most are detergents labeled as "body washes, beauty bars, etc." (Off topic, but kinda like sandwich cheese. It's not really cheese, it's usually labeled something like "imitation processed cheese like product" eeekk.) Bar soap doesn't need all that extra stuff.

The other reason is plastic! According to plasticoceans.org, 10 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans annually. That is equal to more than a truck load of plastic every minute. In fact, only about 9% of our plastic waste actually gets recycled. It is also estimated that the average person throws away 10 plastic bottles of body wash and 11 bottles of shampoo per year. That's a lot of plastic waste!  We make it a priority to use plastic alternatives and ecofriendly packaging and shipping materials when possible. 

Why don't we use Palm Oil?  The Palm oil industry is a leading cause of deforestation of rain forests and is largely responsible for destroying the habitats of many already endangered animals, such as orangutans. There are some organizations such as the RSPO that work towards a more sustainable production of Palm Oil, but we choose to formulate and soap without it.

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